How long will my dried floral piece last?
Show them a bit of lovin’ and they will last for many years. Naturally, some fading will occur over time, this usually begins after 6-12 months when provided with the right care. Although, we think this natural process simply reveals a different kind of beauty!
How do I care for my dried florals?
To minimise colour fade, keep your flowers out of direct sunlight.
We do not recommend displaying your flowers outdoors or in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens as too much moisture may cause mould. 
Avoid areas that have strong breezes passing through like entrance ways. Natural shedding is to be expected with certain types of flora, this can be minimized by removing any dust with a hair dryer set on cool, followed with a light hair spray every now and again.
Where do you source your flowers?
 The majority of our flowers and foliage are grown right here in our backyard or sourced from local, small scale flower farms. Our small range of preserved flowers are sourced via a small NZ run wholesaler.
 Where are you located? Do you offer pick-up or local delivery?
We are located in New Plymouth, Taranaki. Use the code 'LOCAL' for free pick-up or delivery (within central suburbs only), we'll be in touch to arrange a suitable time to collect.
I seen a piece that I like on social media but I cant find it on your website. Can you make one for me? 
Generally, yes! Just get in touch via Instagram or email us at hello@bowandpetal.com before placing your custom order.
Which size crown do I need?
Providing your head circumference measurement is the easiest way to ensure a perfect fit. If the crown is a gift, or you are unable to take a measurment, have a look at our in depth size guide for avreage head circumfrences for each age group.
Do you post internationally?
We currently only ship within New Zealand and Australia. Please get in touch via Instagram or email us at hello@bowandpetal.com if you are outside of these countries for a quote.
I found some inspiration images and I’d like to have something similar made. Can I send them to you? 
Yes. Inspiration images are always welcomed when creating a custom piece! Simply send them to us at hello@bowandpetal.com or via Instagram - before placing your order.